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100 pushups a day

What will happen if I do 100 pushups a day for 3 Months?

I’ve performed around a hundred pushups an afternoon for the past few months, provide or take. often round four hundred or so every week due to the fact that I’ll take a relaxation for an afternoon in between a few days.

100 pushups a day

So it’s greater like one 100 for 2 or 3 days in a row then I’ll relaxation a day or so, then go at it once morea few days I’d do about one hundred twenty for the reason that I’d do something like 40pushups three instances a day or something like that.

When I Started:

when I started I did approximately 10 at a time with rest until I got to one hundred. I slowly built it up. I did 12 at a time, 15, 20, 25, 27, 30 at a time and so forthproper now I’m doing forty-two complete chests down all the way push a row. I simply do this or three instances at some point of the day and heck yeah it makes a distinctionone among the biggest matters I observed is that when I’m finished with my 42 is that I recover very fast now. you will observe this the better shape you get in doing any workout.
sincerely notice this when I’m racing in triathlons or just walking. I know when I first commenced and did an entire bunch, I used to be pretty tired. If I just cranked out 30 right now I’d slightly blink at that. Plus, it simply makes your triceps larger.

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 You, Will, Feel Quite Solid Up Top:

typicalyou will feel quite solid up topthe largest component approximately doing pushups is that it’s extremely handy to do. That’s something I don’t pay attention to each person speaking approximately. when you have a processown familychildren to play with and many others hitting the health club for 2 hours an afternoon is, nicely, an optionhoweverlet’s simply say I love to be at home moreevery now and then I did pushups with my kid on my again. My youngster thinks it’s the greatest issue. Doing pushups allows you to do it everywhere you need alternatively of getting to go to the gymnasium.

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Tough Work:

The point is if you want to crank out a 100 pushups pretty oftenwork toughlisten for your frame, analyze some strategies and consume better, you’ll be in your way to getting ripped. i can do approximately 45 full pushups in a row and approximately 75 1/2 pushups right now. i’m hoping to build it up to as many as feasible.

Adding  a picture:

I’d like to add a picture to encourage individuals who need to make this show uppreserve in thoughts, at the start of this adventure I additionally did a few jogging, swimming, cyclingtake a seat USA, however for the beyond couple months I’ve essentially most effective finished push united states of America and I make contributions a whole lot of this to that. I took the shot at the far proper yesterday.
100 pushups a day

For anyone who’s thinking what occurs after some greater months of this:

For anyone who’s thinking what occurs after some greater months of this. I’ve still been doing pushups approximately every daybut I harm my hand so I dropped it all the way down to 50 a day for some time and just currently started out one hundred againright here’s what I appear like now a few months later. I’m basically slightly ripped out and saved my shape considering that I dropped it all the way down to 50 an afternoon even as my hand recovered.
I do 50 full pushups at a time now. something I didn’t virtually mention before and wasn’t virtually a part of this question but I’ll point out it anyways since it matters. It’s the way I’ve been eating. I’ve been ingesting extra protein foods like tuna, protein bars, eggs, bread, nonfat milk and things like that. I deleted all junk meals. No dietary supplements or protein powders, simply normal good foods. I think that must encourage human beings.
Another thing is my weight. Back in March, I was about 185lbs. Now in November, I’m about 162lbs. Keep in mind, I changed my diet, a lot
also worth citing, I did put up a picture of non-flexing pictures on a comment beneath from formerly. I certainly desire this motivates a number of you to offer this a pass due to the fact we’respeaking approximately less than 2 or three mins an afternoon of pushups! at the start it will take you more than that, however, it’s actually only a few minutes a day now.

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